Boost revenue for restaurants with AI phone handling

Hello, restaurant owners! Picture your restaurant during peak hours: guests are arriving, meals are cooking, and phones are ringing. Managing these calls effectively is crucial but challenging. Enter Pollie AI, your conversational AI assistant, here to streamline your phone management.

The critical role of phones in your restaurant

Phones are vital for your business. They connect you directly with guests inquiring about hours, dietary options, or pet-friendly services. These calls often lead to reservations, take-out orders, and event bookings, driving your revenue.

Missing a call means missing a potential boost in sales.

The challenge of managing calls during busy hours

Handling ons-site guest service and incoming calls simultaneously is tough during busy times. Missed calls after hours mean lost business, as most won’t leave a voicemail or call back.

Pollie AI: Transforming guest interactions

Pollie AI handles both phone and digital guest interactions. It uses a conversational tone and requires no human help. Pollie handles all pre- and post-visit digital interactions (telephone and WhatsApp). This lets your staff focus on in-person guests, improving their experience. Here’s what Pollie AI offers:

  • Efficient reservation management: Pollie seamlessly books guests integrated with your reservation system like Formitable and Zenchef.
  • Reliable FAQ answers: From menu details to booking terms, Pollie provides accurate information and offers to send follow-ups via WhatsApp with a link to a menu, parking details, event booking links and more.
  • 24/7 Host-like service: Pollie is as dependable as your best host, always available and speak any language.
  • Reduces staff interruptions: On average, Pollie handles 800 interactions per month, saving about 20 hours in call management.
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Top 3 reasons to implement Pollie AI in your restaurant

  1. Boost staff efficiency: Pollie frees your staff to focus on present guests while it takes care of any incoming call.
  2. Capture every revenue opportunity: Pollie ensures you never miss a call, securing every potential reservation, event inquiry or take-out order.
  3. Consistent guest experiences: Pollie keeps service standards high, even during peak hours. Making sure every guests gets a reliable service and answer to their questions.

Enhancing your bottom line

Pollie AI improves your operations and positively impacts your profits by reducing logistical hassles, generating more revenue all while focusing on quality service.

Interested to learn what Pollie AI can do for your restaurant?

Beyond basic call handling

In the dynamic world of restaurant management, Pollie AI is transformative. It ensures every call is a chance for exceptional service and growth. Pollie is natively integrated into your workflow by a real-time connection with your reservation system.

Pollie AI is a digital colleague that integrates seamlessly with your team, blending traditional service with modern efficiency to capture every opportunity.

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