Voice AI: Business Comms in 2024

Pollie AI is reshaping the landscape of business communication with its innovative voice AI technology. Designed to meet specific business needs, Pollie AI offers a unique blend of efficiency, personalisation, and customer engagement. Its application across various industries demonstrates its versatility and effectiveness in enhancing customer experiences and streamlining business operations. With Pollie AI, businesses are equipped to meet the evolving demands of the modern customer, ensuring a seamless and engaging interaction every time.


Gone are the days when Siri, Alexa, and Cortana were the sole champions of voice AI. Now, there’s a new player in town, tailored for local businesses – Pollie AI. This innovative technology is not just a tool; it’s reshaping how businesses interact with customers, making every conversation count, 24/7.

Understanding Voice AI

Voice AI, or voice artificial intelligence, is the brain behind these intelligent interactions. It’s a sophisticated blend of technologies – from understanding human speech to responding in kind. But Pollie isn’t just about mimicking human conversation; it’s about enhancing it for the business environment.

Pollie AI: Transforming business communications

Pollie AI is a big improvement for SMBs. By automating customer interactions, it brings a new level of efficiency to operations. Whether it’s handling reservations in a restaurant or managing customer inquiries in a general business, Pollie AI makes every interaction smooth and professional.

The benefits are clear

Businesses using Pollie AI report significant improvements. From increased booking rates and customer satisfaction to freeing up staff for more complex tasks, the advantages are clear and the technology is ready. Pollie AI isn’t just an answering service; it’s a comprehensive solution for modern business challenges.

Pollie AI in action

Imagine a scenario where a customer calls a busy restaurant. Instead of waiting or being placed on hold, they are greeted by Pollie AI, which effortlessly handles their reservation (connected to for example, Formitable, Resengo or Covermanager). This level of efficiency and personalisation is what sets Pollie apart. Pollie is designed for local businesses and currently supports the following verticals: Hospitality, Beauty/Wellness, Health and general businesses.

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Pollie is more than an innovative tool; it’s a strategic business tool. By integrating Pollie, with its tailored approach for your business, we’re enabling you to offer a better customer experience. This technology is not just about automating responses; it’s about enriching each customer contact with efficiency and a personal touch.

Pollie’s role extends to various industries, offering tailored solutions for each, from handling bookings in hospitality to streamlining inquiries for general businesses.

The result? Enhanced customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and a significant reduction in workload for staff. Pollie AI isn’t just a tool; it’s an integral part of a business’s success story.

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