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Experience all of Pollie’s features: Dive into Pollie’s expansive capabilities during your 14-Day free trial. Seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow, including popular platforms like booking software, CRMs, Google Calendar, and more. There’s no limit to the number of calls Pollie can handle for you during this period.

Commitment-free setup: Getting started with Pollie is straightforward. We don’t require credit card details to begin your free trial, ensuring a commitment-free experience.

Your choice at trial’s end: As your free trial approaches completion, we’ll touch base to see if you’re interested in continuing with a paid subscription. Only then will we request payment details. If you decide not to continue with a paid plan, we’ll automatically transition you to Pollie’s Free version. Note that this version offers limited product capabilities and a maximum of 25-monthly calls handled.

Flexibility at your fingertips: We understand your needs might change. That’s why we offer complete flexibility – upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time during your trial. With Pollie, you’re always in control.

Pollie, a smart AI phone assistant, handles your calls naturally, ensuring you never miss a call or sales lead, whether it’s 20 or 2000 calls. It sends you email summaries and caller info, and can text callers with customized messages. Ideal for SMBs, Pollie also offers custom solutions on request.

Our AI-assisted onboarding is fast and user-friendly, taking just 15 minutes. It includes specifying your location, receiving a tailored format for your business, customizing call options, and setting up call forwarding easily on your phone. We’ll guide you along the way to ensure Pollie is well trained and serves as a digital colleague for your business.

Pollie is compatible with both business mobile and landline numbers. Its setup is simple: just a few steps to activate call forwarding. We’ll guide you through the onboarding process, making it easy enough for anyone to follow.

Voice AI assistants, like Pollie, are smart digital helpers that understand and talk just like humans. They automate tasks like booking appointments or taking orders, improving business efficiency, cutting costs, and reducing stress.

Pollie’s Voice AI assistant handles your calls and bookings around the clock, freeing you up to grow your business. It automatically chats with customers, schedules appointments, directs them to your FAQ page, and gathers contact details, all while boosting your team’s efficiency. On average we save local business owners 27hrs of call traffic an loads of interruptions in the day-t0-day. Enabling your team to focus and execute on more strategic tasks.

Conversational AI lets computers understand and talk in human language, making it easier for us to chat with machines just like we do with people. This is important because human language is complex and very different from the simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ language of computers. Conversational AI helps bridge this gap, allowing for smoother talks and interactions, like when we use chat apps or make phone calls.

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At Pollie, we understand the unique needs of distributors and resellers like you. That’s why we’ve tailored our platform to seamlessly support both reselling and referral strategies. We’re firm advocates for collaborative partnership sales strategies and are excited about exploring potential partnership opportunities with you.

🤝 Let’s talk partnerships: Eager to dive into what a partnership with Pollie can offer? We’re just as eager to discuss the possibilities with you. Simply click here, and we’ll arrange an introductory call to get things rolling. Your journey towards a fruitful partnership begins here!

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