How The Rub reduced call-stress

The Rub – Massages and Yoga in Amsterdam

The Rub, led by Jade Calitz, is one of the leading massage centers of Amsterdam. Jade faced the challenging task of managing constant phone calls while providing super massages like the ‘Mommy Rub’ and ‘Rock ‘n Rub’. The phone is not being picked up and after a day of hard work, many calls are missed and required follow-up. The introduction of Pollie transformed their business operations and reduced stress significantly.

Answering calls, 24/7

Pollie’s integration into The Rub’s workflow, especially its seamless connection with Salonized, meant Jade and her team could focus on delivering top-notch massages without the interruption of phone calls.

Pollie’s capability to handle bookings, even those requiring voucher codes, ensured no customer was left unattended, effectively capturing every sales opportunity and providing oversight on whats going on.

Smart call routing with WhatsApp follow-ups

At The Rub, we’ve developed a clever system with Pollie for handling bookings. Customers with a voucher code can quickly make a phone booking (as they are not able to book online). For those without a voucher, Pollie simplifies the process by sending an instant, branded WhatsApp message with a link for online booking.

This approach aligns perfectly with Jade’s preference, ensuring that all calls are managed in the most effective way for the business. This tailored solution streamlines the booking process, catering to the specific needs of The Rub and its customers.

Pollie made things a lot easier at The Rub. It’s like having an extra team member who never needs a break. We’re more relaxed, our customers are happy, and we’re more focussed than ever.

Jade Calitz, The Rub

Stress-free days

With Pollie, The Rub experienced a significant reduction in daily stress. The AI system’s efficient call management allowed the team to concentrate on their core services, and not have to call back all missed calls at the end of the workday.

The Call Alerts and Daily Summaries (via email) with action items for the team are helpful, Pollie picks up the majority of calls, but when a follow-up is required the system will inform Jade at the end of the day, together with the following data:

  1. Name
  2. Telephone number
  3. Context – insights to prepare for the calls

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At The Rub, we found our rhythm with Pollie. Integrating seamlessly with our Salonized system, Pollie effortlessly handles calls and manages bookings, including those tricky voucher code reservations. It allows us to focus 100% on our customers that are getting a treatment.

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