Testimonial: Bender’s journey with Pollie

In this testimonial, Bender Foodservice Equipment highlights their journey with Pollie AI, an AI telephone assistant that revolutionized their customer service and workflow efficiency. Pollie’s 24/7 customer interaction and seamless integration significantly reduced workload, boosted customer satisfaction, and demonstrated its value as a key tool for modern business optimization.


Bender Foodservice Equipment, renowned for its stellar service in the foodservice equipment industry in the Benelux, encountered a common yet daunting challenge – managing continuous customer calls without losing focus on business growth. 

This is where Pollie, the AI telephone assistant, made a grand entrance, transforming their bustling phone lines into a streamlined, enjoyable experience.

The Pollie effect

Pollie isn’t just any AI assistant; it’s the 2024 version of call management. Seamlessly integrating with Bender’s CRM, Pollie turned manual call logs into neat, actionable data. This wasn’t just about answering calls; it was about enhancing customer engagement with a touch of AI.

A paradigm shift in work environment

The introduction of Pollie brought a refreshing change in Bender’s work atmosphere. 

“Pollie has been a game-changer for us. It’s like having an efficient co-worker who’s always upbeat and ready to assist”  

Maud Bender

This digital receptionist not only handled calls with finesse but also saved the team about 40 hours each month – a significant shift towards operational efficiency.

Striking the right chord with customers

An impressive 88% callers found their interactions with Pollie helpful and pleasant. This AI assistant didn’t just respond to queries; it built a rapport with callers, making interactions a good experience.

Beyond call handling

Pollie’s role at Bender went beyond just managing calls. It became a strategic tool in reducing operational costs and optimizing staff productivity. The 24/7 availability ensured that no customer query went unanswered, capturing every potential sales opportunity.

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Pollie’s integration into Bender Foodservice Equipment is a good example  of how AI can efficiency into business operations. It’s a perfect blend of professionalism and fun, proving that technology can be a powerful ally in elevating customer service and business performance. 

In Maud Bender’s words, “Pollie is not just our AI receptionist; it’s part of our team, adding value every day.”

This story of Bender Foodservice Equipment and Pollie AI exemplifies the transformative impact of technology in the business world. It highlights the importance of embracing AI solutions for not just operational efficiency but also for creating enjoyable customer experiences.

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