Referral program

Share Pollie, get rewarded.

What’s in it for you?

You can choose one of the following rewards:

What will the referred business receive?

How does it work?

Refer a friend, we'll handle everything else.

Send referral using form

Complete the form with the requested information about the business you would like to refer.

Contact business

We will contact the referred business and sign them up for Pollie AI.

You get a reward

Once the business converts to a paid customer, we’ll reach out to you to select your preferred reward.


Refer. Reward. Repeat. You can send an infinite number of referrals.


Got questions on the Referral program? We’ve listed the most common ones.

There’s no limit to how many businesses you can refer. Use your rewards as you wish, we’ll make sure to distribute your reward(s) swiftly!

Sharing Pollie with friends is meant to be beneficial for everyone.

That’s why we’ve tailored rewards to better suit your preferences. Choose the gift card you prefer, and let us thank you for your efforts!

The reward is activated when the referred business signs with Pollie AI. Once the first payment has been received, we’ll send you an email to let you know about the successful referral and that you can pick your preferred reward.
We’ll use the email address you provide in the form above to reach out to you.
Yes. It doesn’t matter which Pollie subscription you have, Starter, Business or Pro. We’ll waive one upcoming invoice.
However, the free month does not apply for the overflow call minutes and WhatsApps sent for that month. If that month includes overflow call minutes or WhatsApps, we’ll only invoice those.

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