Driving revenue and availability: Beachclub C manages calls round the clock

About Beachclub C Noordwijk

Beachclub C in Noordwijk is renowned for its exceptional location and service. The beachclub combines stunning beach views with a lively atmosphere, drawing both locals and tourists. Owner Ramon Hermans emphasises personal interaction, aiming to make every visit memorable.

Challenges at Beachclub C

Managing effective communication with guests, especially during busy periods, presented significant challenges for the beachclub:

  • Staffing variability: Fewer staff during quieter hours made juggling phone calls and in-person service difficult.
  • High traffic periods: Peak times often led to missed calls, negatively impacting guest service and potential bookings.
  • Workflow disruption: Frequent calls could interrupt staff, affecting their ability to serve guests effectively.
  • Operational pressures: Staff shortages and rising costs added to the challenges, making efficient operation more critical than ever.
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Implementing Pollie AI

To address these issues, Beachclub C implemented Pollie AI. This conversational AI assistant has been setup using delayed call forwarding to manage calls when staff cannot, ensuring that guest communications are handled smoothly regardless of how busy the beachclub gets.

Importantly, Pollie is natively integrated with Formitable, the beachclub’s reservation system. This integration allows Pollie to make and manage reservations in all languages and handle event requests efficiently.

During office hours, Pollie forwards calls to staff for personal handling, and outside office hours, it automatically sends a callback request via email, ensuring no potential revenue opportunity is missed.

Feedback from Ramon Hermans

“Pollie AI has become indispensable for us. It not only ensures our guests are always attended to, but it also means we never miss a reservation. Pollie handles calls during busy times and after hours, allowing our team to focus on providing the best possible in-person experience. This has greatly improved our service quality and operational efficiency.”

Ramon Hermans

Results of using Pollie AI

  • Consistent guest service: Pollie guarantees that no call — and no reservation — goes unanswered, supporting both slow and busy times.
  • Less disruption for staff: With Pollie managing calls, staff can dedicate more time to in-house guest interactions.
  • Support during staff shortages: Pollie acts as a reliable backup for managing calls during staff shortages.
  • Cost management: Automating call handling with Pollie helps control operational costs effectively.

Call Time saved per month


Reservations made thus far


Caller satisfaction with Pollie


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“Integrating Pollie AI has allowed us to better manage our guest interactions and streamline our operations. It supports our staff by efficiently handling routine inquiries and reservations, crucial for maintaining the high-quality service our guests expect from Beachclub C.”

Ramon Hermans

By integrating Pollie AI, Beachclub C Noordwijk has successfully enhanced its guest experience and operational efficiency, proving the value of smart technology solutions in the hospitality industry.

Call Start


Calling to make a reservation


Pollie answers the phone on behalf of restaurant.


Specifies date, time and guests.


Pollie checks availability real-time in reservation system.


Reservation made in the system, including notes.


WhatsApp confirmation sent.

Call Finished

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