About the team

Driven by passion, perfecting your customer conversations.

Our founders, seasoned in software development, are dedicated to empowering local businesses globally. We focus on crafting sustainable, problem-solving products, blending cutting-edge AI technology with user-friendly designs specifically for local business needs.

Our purpose

Our vision

Our vision at Pollie is to redefine customer service for local businesses with our AI assistant, making call management effortless and empowering owners to focus on growth and service. We’re transforming interactions into opportunities for success, shaping a future where businesses embrace new technologies and flourish effortlessly.

Our mission

Our mission at Pollie is to revolutionize local business communications with conversational AI, simplifying and enhancing customer interactions for growth and satisfaction. Our set-and-forget digital assistant ensures seamless, superior service, transforming every conversation into a chance for connection and opportunity. We’re not just a tool; we’re the future of thriving local businesses.

Pollie, AI receptionist - Bakery

Pollie - where curiosity sparks success, together.

At Pollie, simplicity, care, and curiosity drive our dynamic team. As a rapidly expanding global family, we stay connected through regular team-building and weekly hangouts. Embracing ownership in our work, we’re renowned for meeting tight deadlines, thorough preparation, and reliable delivery, solidifying our status as a product-led company.

Our culture


Deep empathy for customers and team, prioritizing respect, honesty, and mutual growth.


Embracing questions and exploration beyond comfort zones for continuous progress.


Simplicity guides us at Pollie: in our solutions, designs, products, and processes.


Ownership at Pollie means actively embracing our responsibilities while staying agile to exceed our goals.

Life at Pollie

Join Pollie to make a meaningful difference in local communities. Our commitment to curiosity and care helps local businesses thrive.

We value every voice, blend honesty (yes, we’re Dutch) with humor, and cherish moments like seeing our customers thrive. Ready to be part of our journey? Get in touch!

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